Find who is Invisible on Yahoo & also original Id of Yahoo (No Software Download)


Hello Guys,

Here is the Website that helps you find if a particular user is online, offline or invisible …


I remind you again that this is website ….and for this u have not download any software.

Just Enter id and then press enter and after that u will find that that id is online or offline!!!!

and the new thing in this site (Which is very important) is that Main Yahoo ID checker!!!!

We know that we can create 7 profile id in a main Yahoo id , By which anyone can chat with you by 7 ids and make you fool (If you don’t know how to make seven id in yahoo, Post me a comment i will tell you) , So by this site you can check Real/main id of yahoo.

Other thing is that by this site you can check multiple id’s status.For this just click on Multi-Check and then type you yahooid1,yahooid2,yahooid3………..

and the last one is that display Image….means it catch image of yahoo id.Just click on top Display Image Catcher and then enter Yahoo id.

Problem : Sometimes this site not working (Because of server load) so you can use other site


But this site doesn’t have any other features , it only show Status (Online , Offline or Invisible).



Anonymous said...

These 2 site links which were provided are not opening.Please check it out and provide the updates.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any way to see Who has Viewed your Photos on Flickr but has not left a comment??

I used to be able to Back Up my Photos + Comments on Flickr but they have me Blocked*