Download Unlimited from Rapidshare without paying

I knew a lot of us here use Rapidshare to download and share a lot of stuff. It’s quite annoying when we are unable to download after a ceratin part of a big file is downloaded. What im going to say today is how to download from Rapidshare using proxy so that you won’t have to face the 1 hour limitation problem again.

The programs that we need are a browser with ability to use proxy. I use Slimbrowser for two reasons:

1) I don’t want to delete my Firefox or IE cache and cookies files.

2) It’s very lite and not a resource hogger


1. Download the browser from this location. Install it.
2. Get a proxy list here. This trick requires the usage of proxy server to work. So don’t skip this step. Grab one proxy or more!
3. This is how you are going to setup your proxy

:Click Tools > Proxies > Organize Proxies

- In the Name field, enter something to identify your proxy, for example, Brazil #1
- In the first address field, enter the proxy address you got from Proxy4Free,
for example,
- In the second address field, enter the proxy port, for example, 3128
- If you want to set the entered proxy as the default proxy, then click the
Set As Current Proxy button
- Click OK to close the dialog box

* If you want to add more proxies, repeat the steps above again and again.

4. After you have setup the proxy, copy and paste the Rapidshare download link to your
browsers’ address bar, and wait for the Rapidshare page to launch.

5. In Rapidshare website, do the followings:

- Press enter and scoll down to bottom and click the FREE button

- Wait until the counter reaches zero or use any auto-reveal-link-utility
- Copy paste the download link into your favorite download manager, for
example, Flashget
- Download the file happily


Note that if Rapidshare gives you error like this;

This IP is not allowed to use free anonymous services.. or Your IP, is downloading a file…

It’s time to use another proxy!!! In Slimbrowser, go to menu, Tools > Proxies and select another proxy you already entered before

6) After downloading a file, don’t forget to clear your trace!

In Slimbrowser go to menu Tools > Internet Options to open the Internet Options applet
Click both Delete Cookies and Delete Files button to wipe out all references to Rapidshare. If you need to download more files, repeat all steps from 1 to 6, and hopefully you’ll be happier than ever.


1. Do not choose proxy with port 80

2. Avoid choosing proxies addresses <195 because some of them are slow.

know top world hackers(from india)

nothing but hacking

You must be knowing about Ankit Fadia……He is now the greatest hacker in the world….

Some years years ago he was not a very good hacker…..

he knew hacking but he was not a certified hacker….

He was not having his own personal computer….

One night, he visited his friend cyber cafe and there he spend whole night sitting on computer……….

As we all know that Microsoft has a large worldwide network across every country……

Ankit Fadia hacked this network………on that night….

he also hacked microsoft website….

After hacking all communication system he was then able to receive all the important mails being tranfers across the country…. by microsoft…..

Microsoft does a lot of research and founded that this hacking has been done in some where in India….

Than it was founded that it was done from Delhi…….

Than it was founded that it was done from that cyber cafe…..when it was asked that who was sitting on PC whole night than it was founded that it was ankit fadia….

Bill Gates give an option to Ankit Fadia to go to jail or join Microsoft….

he joined Microsoft and then he became a certified hacker and then he became very famous…….

This is the short story of the Greatest hacker in the World Ankit Fadia…….

yamaha YZF-R15 all new pics from (

(1)A newly developed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine
(2) An all-aluminum “DiASil Cylinder” produced by an exclusive Yamaha casting technology
(3) Eco-friendly performance that clears the next-phase Bharat 4 emissions standard
(4) The “Deltabox frame” known for excellent rigidity balance
5)20+ BHP
7)140+ T
8)assuring you that it will be more faster than the 225 cc bikes now on screen like pulsar 220 and karizma

yamaha YZF-R15 all new pics

Yamaha YZF R15 is a india specific bike hosting an 150cc engine which was designed for just one thing - Performance! A bike which can be said as the fastest in Indian Bikes. Although the engine details are secret YZF R15 have several first-in-Indian-bike features.

Packed full of state-of-the-art technologies, the new YZF-R15 boasts performance worthy of a supersport model and a body design that evokes the image of the YZF-R series and gives visual expression to the quality of its ride. It is truly an embodiment of Yamaha’s desire to bring customers a model to help them “Enjoy riding”.

The new YZF-R15 makes full use of the MotoGP race experience and YZF-R series supersport bike development technology and know-how acquired by Yamaha Motor over the years to create a 150cc supersport bike that offers users to truly “Enjoy riding” in a full range of situations, from around-town riding to touring on winding roads and even aggressive riding on the circuit.

Yamaha YZF R 15 is the first model for the Indian market designed in the true supersport image and featuring a high-level balance of enjoyable running performance on winding roads, enjoyable performance and riding comfort with a tandem passenger and agile handling through crowded city traffic. The body has been designed to show at a glance that this is a “R series bike” and to give visual expression to technology feedback from the 10 years of YZF-R series development since the series debut in 1998. In this way, it is a direct expression of Yamaha’s motorcycle development ideal of “Exciting Performance & Stylish Design” in the 150cc class.

It is based on totally race technology with which MotoGP bikes runs, technology with which R1 is built. It is India’s first 150cc 4 valve engine. It is India’s first Bike with forged pistons. It is India’s first Bike with a Diasil Cylinder. It is India’s first Bike with the Deltabox frame, again based on the R1. And it is India’s first Bike with a 6speed gear box.

It is Fuel Injected and will hit the market in June 2008 .The rear tyres though are only a mere 100, MRF uses imported Soft compound to give it better grip than similar sized tyres.

We can expect a prize of INR 80000/- for a beast like this. Never care for the CC. I hope it will have 20+ bhp and a top speed somewhere near 140kmph. I repeat , I HOPE!

Main Features

(1) A newly developed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine
(2) An all-aluminum “DiASil Cylinder” produced by an exclusive Yamaha casting technology
(3) Eco-friendly performance that clears the next-phase Bharat 4 emissions standard
(4) The “Deltabox frame” known for excellent rigidity balance
(5) Impressive “2-eye” multi-reflector headlight design in the YZF-R series image



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